Welcome to felixauer.com

My name is Felix Auer (as you've probably guessed already) and I'm a developer from Vienna, Austria.

You can find my CV and contact me on LinkedIn.


Check out a selection of my recent personal projects below.

Bob Ross Database, Social Network & Blog


Created in 2016 after the twitch.tv Bob Ross marathon as a means of easily choosing your next Bob Ross episode to paint along.

Since then TwoInchBrush.com has grown to a small social network and blog with several ten thousand visitors each month.

Contains a WordPress blog, a Flarum forum and a custom reddit bot in addition to the Laravel main app.

PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, Vue.js, WordPress

Custom Disc Golf Gamemode


A skins match is a special game mode for disc golf and other golf-like games where individual holes are played for money.

Keeping track of won holes, owed money and other things get complicated quickly, especially in competitive (or very casual) rounds.

Skinsmat.ch aims to solve this problem by providing a handy web app to keep score and settle debts. 

Vue.js, tailwind.css

Piano Practice Tracker


"What gets measured gets managed" 

Fryderyk runs on a Raspberry Pi and keeps track of your piano practice habits. 

The tool logs the MIDI output and shows you your stats on a small dashboard on a flask web server in your home network.

Web-based dashboards coming soon™. 

Python, flask, Raspberry Pi, Apex Charts, tailwind.css

Help your dog relax

Kalm Kanine

Kalm Kanine
Kalm Kanine uses the "Protocol for Relaxation" by Dr. Karen L. Overall to help your dog become calmer.

By doing daily exercises (basically doing strange stuff in front of your dog) the animal learns to keep calm while unusual things are happening.

Didn't really work for my dog, but look at the cute pic anyway. 


This website


Not really that interesting, just a basic CRUD app to showcase my personal projects.

My main goal was to get my feet wet with Ruby on Rails and to make a joke about recursion.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, tailwind.css